When you’re on the phone and unable to reach anyone, it can become very frustrating! From automated systems to unanswered phone calls to non-returned voicemails, it becomes a vicious cycle of never hearing from anyone! After trying for 10 minutes to reach the department or speak to a person, you just end up giving up or trying another day.  There are some things that technology can’t replace: personalized customer service!  This is where Veritas Meeting Solutions succeeds time and time again!

Part of the association management services provided by Veritas is addressing membership and registration questions for your association’s members.  Our staff answers the phones with a real human voice – there’s no other way to do it for an association to be successful! Below is why Veritas has chosen to taken this approach:

  1. Show our clients and their members that they are important! At Veritas, we want your clients to know that our business is about them and their members, so we don’t use an automated phone attendant during normal business hours.
  2. Save our clients timeGoing through an automated system can be nerve wracking, since it’s normally not clear which department you should talk to – should you talk to accounting, membership, associate director…who? If you push the wrong button, then you’re stuck hoping that you can get transferred to the right department.  At Veritas, we’re about saving our clients and members time by helping them immediately!
  3. First impression of your association.  As we manage your association, it’s highly important that your association has an impeccable first impression to your members and potential members.  We often get phone calls from individuals wanting to join an association, and if they just went to an automated system, they might get lost in the phone system.  A welcoming voice can make your members feel better, which places a better impression on your organization as a whole.

Is anybody there that can help me?  Of course! Veritas’s staff is here answering your phone call with our real voices.  We are the first person of contact and we want to give our clients and their members the highest level of customer service experience.