Customized Meeting Management

Even in this digitally connected world of virtual meetings and online education, nothing can take the place of a smile, a handshake or a face-to-face conversation. Live conferences and symposia are still the best way to share critical information. Everyone hears the right message, has the opportunity to ask questions and hold interactive discussions that enrich the learning process. In a live setting, you have your audience’s undivided attention resulting in better understanding and improved retention.

  • Management of ancillary Board meetings, committee meetings and special events
  • Corporate Advisory Boards and Investigator meetings and expert panel forums
  • Expertise in all aspects of ACCME compliance and documentation
  • Personalized attention to every aspect of your program
  • Experienced contract negotiators with national and international contacts
  • Professional Meeting planning inclusive of all necessary comprehensive logistics
  • Speaker invitations, confirmations and accommodations
  • Abstract and review process management
  • Registration and Program Book Publication
  • Expertise in promoting events to increase your participants
  • Manage online registration process with monthly reporting
  • Onsite staffing for registration desk and service vendor management
  • Handle all post meeting, reconciliation’s, reporting and survey or certificate management